The Score Takes Care Of Itself
by Bill Walsh

A deep exploration into the foundational belief system that powered the San Francisco 49er dynasty of the 1990s.

by Tim Grover

An unfiltered explanation of the mindsets of the most successful elite athletes told by the personal performance coach of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade.

Win Forever
by Pete Carroll

The leader philosophy that took Coach Carroll from being fired as an NFL head coach twice to becoming one the most successful college football coaches in history at the University of Southern California.

Unbeatable Mind
by Commander Mark Divine

A book about the foundational philosophies of Mr. Divine's Unbeatable Mind Academy.

The Best Team Money Can Buy
by Molly Knight

A revelatory book about the personalities and power struggles inside the clubhouse of one of Major League Baseball's most storied franchises.

The Winner Within
by Pat Riley

A pragmatic success plan for people in all walks of life from one of the greatest basketball coaches and executives of all time.


Crucibles of Leadership
by Warren Bennis and Robert J. Thomas
Harvard Business Review

The Power of Teams - the effect of team power structures on team conflict and team outcomes
by Lindred Greer