Six Vertical Group


Glenns Ferry, Idaho
United States of America


Portland, Oregon




Joshua Enders has built a career on bringing software products to life.

He first stumbled upon the Internet when he signed up for one of the first Hotmail accounts. His first job out of college was with pr firm Copithorne & Bellows.

Joshua was responsible for uploading paper press clippings to an extranet for document management company FileNet. He thought the internet was cool and was eager to learn how to build websites. He taught himself HTML, CSS and become a freelance web designer.

Joshua formed his first company Solalmighty Interactive at age 23. His company developed websites and banner advertising campaigns for clients that included TravelZoo and BMC Software.

Joshua self-taught how to build business applications using and entered the world of enterprise consulting at age 31. Working for EDL Consulting, he lead CRM implementations for thousands of users at Ally and Great West Financial. 

Joshua founded retail tech startup Dorrbell at age 39. His team built a first-of-its-kind on-demand delivery platform for brick-and-mortar retailers. Dorrbell ultimately flamed out, but Joshua led a successful pivot and formed Six Vertical -- a professional services firm that builds enterprise e-commerce solutions.