Austin & Robots

Austin, TX -- Another one of the agency's cofounders and had a three-day requirements deep dive with a potential client in Austin. 

I really like Austin. Most people do. There's a lot to do and pretty people everywhere. 

People think Austin and Portland, my hometown, are similar. I disagree. Austin has way more action; it's busier and much bigger. 

We met with the Digital Improvement Group.  They're known as the DIC. We had great discussions about modernizing technologies. 

This company is executing digital transformation projects across the organization. Every department worldwide will be impacted by the new technologies being implemented. CPQ, CRM, e-commerce, machine learning, AI, IoT... they're doing it all. 

There was a lot of discussion about the "self served" customer. This is a customer that can do more themselves without the assistance of a rep.

My agency is have a lot of these types of conversations lately with clients and prospects. It makes sense. An empowered customer is a happier customer and modern businesses understand this and are investing in technology that enables the customer to do more on the channel of their choice. 

I believe omnichannel commerce, at least how enterprises think about it, will be the cornerstone of delivering the self service experience. I also think few big companies are doing it right. 

If the touch points your company has with customers are disjointed, disconnected and inconsistent, and you're not doing anything about it, you've already lost.